Designed to help individual, businesses, governments and charities achieve their ambitions.

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Our business

TruePay was founded by a group of software engineers & entrepreneurs with the aim of helping individuals, businesses and charities to exchange value. Our co-founders set out to build a platform capable of meeting the everyday needs of today's fast-growing local & global commerce eco-system.

Through our goal of improving everyday life in emerging economies through commerce, TruePay seeks to make a sustainable impact for good. Our platform enables financial inclusion, honest & transparent commerce by empowering individuals, businesses and government. We help individual to earn, send, spend and manage their money; Businesses to accept payments, increase revenue, and control their finances within a single platform; Nonprofits to raise funds; Government to build a cashless society, improving citizen experience and transparency.

Our vision

Enabling inclusive commerce for all - through innovation, a global footprint, and a local touch. We envision a platform helping individuals and businesses to reach their goals anywhere. We are building a platform that empowers people to go beyond borders - Send, Receive, Save & Spend money anywhere.

“ We see one world diverse and rich in humanity. We see the human connections that power society. We see TruePay between the distance. ”

Our team

Our team

We are a team of people unified in desire to build and deliver quality solutions that positively impact our world, through empowerment of individuals and businesses that make things happen.

Our mission

We are on a mission to reduce barriers, improve financial inclusion and participation. We do this by creating and delivering solutions for everyday commerce that goes beyond borders. Expanding opportunities, providing transparency, and generating insight.

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